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Performacore Athlete Search


Looking to become the next Performacore athlete? 

Will you have $2,000 straight into your pocket, along with being sponsored by the fastest growing supplement company in the industry? 

Quit wasting your time trying to become a sponsored athlete for companies you are never going to be sponsored by. Quit having to meet certain guidelines in order to win. We are simply looking for an individual man or women, young, old, out of shape, in shape, beginner, or expert. You don't have to have 100K followers, 10K followers, or even 1,000 followers. 

We are looking for individuals that are dedicated to Performacore and everything that it embodies. We want high character, hardworking, loyal, and driven individual to be on our team. Our official entry date will begin July, 10th 2015 and end April, 8th 2016. We want to make this a long competition because we want to see who can stay consistent. We don't want individuals that will fall off the map and stop trying. We want someone who is dedicated to Performacore day in and day out. Are you going to be uncommon and stay consistent? Many will give up and say "I have no chance." or "This is taking to long." We want someone that is hungry to improve in every aspect of their life day in and day out. We aren't about money, we aren't about profits, we aren't about ourselves. We are about you and providing every opportunity possible to become part of the fastest growing team in the fitness and supplement industry. 

Performacore is a very new company to enter the market. We want someone that is wanting to be apart of the soon to be top company in the industry, and tell everyone how you were the pillar in bringing performacore to the top. Performacore is not loaded with sponsored athletes like the most companies. Why? We want you to feel exclusive. We want you to feel like you were hand picked. And you will be hand picked. You don't have to have an amazing physique, tons of followers, or a popular athlete. We want originality. How are you going to stand out from the rest of the crowd? Are you about the money? Or are you about helping others and giving yourself up for something greater? We know who is about the money, and who is about sacrificing themselves to help others. The Performacore community is about family. We are about coming together as one to help others and restore a good name back into the fitness/supplement industry.  


Here is a list of all the rules required in order to become the next Performacore athlete. Any rules broken or not followed will disqualify you from the contest. We truly appreciate you and thank you for wanting to be apart of this great family! We want to keep it simple and down to the point so you can be creative and do what you are good at. We are excited to see what you've got.

  1. Register for Performacore athlete search, purchase PreCORE. FREE PERFORMACORE SHIRT WILL BE ADDED IN! 
  2. Use hashtag #PerformacoreAthleteSearch #PerformacorePassion #PerformacoreNation. We will be able to keep track of who you are and how dedicated you are. 
  3. Post as often as you want. This will allow us to see you more frequently. Be creative, be innovative, and be smart. If you post content with high enough quality that includes our stuff, we could use it on our page in front of all our fans. 
  4. Be you, and show everyone who you are and why you are different. 
  5. Uplift others, and be encouraging. 
  6. Have respect for other contestants. We are all a family. 
  7. Have high character, and be driven. 
  8. Don't deface the Performacore brand if you do not become our athlete. We truly appreciate you and still want you to be apart of the brand!
  9. Don't use profanity, don't bring others down, and don't do anything that could harm someone physically or emotionally. 
  10. Do not buy followers. We are very good at knowing exactly who you are. Don't be that guy or girl. No one likes fake followers anyway!


Performacore is built on the principles of passion, hard work, and service. We are tough minded individuals that are wiling to help anyone in any way possible. We do not take ourselves seriously. Yes, we like to have fun! The performacore team is centered around "We" not "I". We care about everyone and are all about building a name of integrity and service. We understand people listen to us, we inform and interact. We are not to good to personally connect with you like a lot of companies can be. Authenticity is what separates us from the rest.  We make mistakes, we learn, we work hard, and we are about the team and bettering those around us every way we can.  

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