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A multi-benefit pharmaceutical grade creatine monohydrate, CORECreatine fitness supplement replenishes depleted ATP that converts to more energy and power during your workouts. This enhanced performance powers you through more reps, and more reps equal greater muscle growth.  Get huge long-lasting muscle pumps and harder workouts while needing less recovery time— leading to enhanced performance and a faster increase in lean muscle mass.

Net. Wt. 500gr | 100 servings | Unflavored


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  • corecreatine-fast.png

    Fast Post Workout Recovery

    CORECreatine helps increase muscle cell recovery rate allowing you to workout more frequently resulting in faster muscle growth.
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    Increased Muscle Pumps

    CORECreatine enhances the uptake of fluid into the muscle cells giving huge, long-lasting muscle pumps, key to motivation levels and stimulating cellular processes resulting in long-term muscle growth.
  • corecreatine-strength.png

    Increased Strength

    CORECreatine intensifies the pace of energy production in your muscle cells helping you to push harder and longer. More power and strength equals more weight being lifted and more reps being performed.
  • corecreatine-lewasn-muscle.png

    Promotes Lean Muscle Mass

    CORECreatine helps you to increase your workout intensity and push through intense workouts resulting in building muscle faster and achieving greater lean muscle mass.
  • corecreatine-energy.png

    More Power and Prolonged Energy

    CORECreatine stores in the muscles to replenish depleted ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and provide immediate fuel for quick energy and more power to complete reps. This enhanced performance powers you through more reps, and more reps equal greater muscle growth.
  • corecreatine-synthesis.png

    Stimulates Protein Synthesis

    CORECreatine frees up amino acids to the cells promoting increased muscle protein systhesis resulting in greater muscle growth.
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    Creatine May Buffer Lactic Acid

    CORECreatine stored in the muscles, can act as a lactic acid buffer if enough is present in your muscles before excercise.

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  1. Best creatine I've had 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 19 2015

    I love the amount of servings per container and I love the serving sizes. Also, it doesn't add any bitter tastes to the drinks I mix with.

  2. Perfect Creatine Supplement 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 17 2015

    I've used lots of brands of creatine and this one left me pleasantly surprised. It dissolved much better than others and didn't leave the weird taste that a lot of creatine powders leave even though they're "unflavored"