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About Us

Performacore is a workout supplement company founded on the core beliefs of quality above all else, and more is not always better.  Our goal is simple— to measurably help people achieve their wellness and fitness goals in a safe way that yields better results than anything else in the industry today.

Founded in Austin, Texas, we have a passion for wellness, fitness, nutrition and personal achievement. Our vision is of excellence without compromise and our purpose is to create outstanding workout supplements that yield first class results. 

Our revolutionary pre-workout supplement PRECORE IGNITE sets the new Gold Standard for pre-workout supplements on the market! We methodically selected the highest quality, scientifically-proven ingredients known to man to give your body the super-boost it needs to crush your workouts. What's truly amazing and unique about PRECORE IGNITE is the way we can blend our ingredients in very specific dosages that allows us to effectively lower the caffeine level in our product, thereby eliminating the negative side effects of overstimulation, insomnia and post-workout crash that you find in other brands, while still yielding unsurpassed results.

Today we continue to strive for excellence in the creation of the most effective, healthiest and best tasting workout supplements ever created. Our team is diligently focused on delivering an uncompromised level of quality to the dedicated following of Performacore athletes that never settle for anything less.

We invite you to switch to the Performacore family of pre-workout and recovery supplements and know you are getting the highest quality, most effective level of products available on the market today to achieve your fitness goals. 

What’s at the core of your performance?